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Every single individual has patterns and behaviors that hold them back. Habits of Happiness Health Coaching created by Melissa Dunn,  The Dancing Life Coach, is here to help you to dance through life with ease and put your best foot forward. Through expert advice, proactive coaching, as well as mindfulness, meditations and movement practices, you’ll soon be excelling in a way you never thought possible. Book a consultation today to discover what is possible 

About Melissa Dunn: 

Melissa Dunn is a Certified Health and Life Coach who specializes in working with moms who are feeling stressed, anxious or in pain. She helps them learn to make their wellbeing a priority and find their inner peace so they can heal and live happy lives with their families. Melissa lives in Hayward, CA with her husband , daughter Eliana  and little dog, Riley. She is also a long time teacher in both dance and physical education and loves to incorporate movement in her coaching. She believes movement is essential to inner peace and loves staying active with activities such as dance ,pilates, and swimming. Melissa has gone through her own transformational journey in her physical, mental and emotional health and looks forward to helping people find their own path to transformation! 


Why Join Melissa Dunn with “Habits of Happiness” ?
90 percent of our happiness is based on our health; change your habits , change your life! Why not step into that best, most joyful version of you? 


Total Transformation 1:1, Group Coaching, Dance and Movement  

Stressed to Calm Breakthrough Call (45 min-1hr)

In this program you will be well on your way to developing habits that will lead to a more calm and peaceful life.

We will co create a plan for you to help you to prioritize your wellbeing as well as giving you tools to set you up for success in leading a happy and healthy life, physically, mentally and emotionally. 


You will get 4. 1:1 calls, each 45 min in length.

If we choose to continue working together, this will be the perfect segway into my 90 day program

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30 Day Peace and Calm Breakthrough

90 day Peaceful Pathway Transformation 

During this call we will:

  • Uncover what's been stopping you, slowing you down and keeping you stressed, anxious or in pain

  • Develop a powerful vision of what having a Total Peace and Calm Transformation looks like for you

  • Discover which activities and lifestyle habits are preventing you from feeling calm and present in your life and what you can do about it.

  • Get crystal clear on a step by step plan to have a Total Peace and Calm Transformation in 90 days or less.

Family Walking On the Beach

In this program you’ll go from feeling stressed , anxious and exhausted to hopeful, refreshed and at a peace!

With this package you will receive 12, 1:1 coaching over the phone (up to 1 hour each call) along with unlimited email  and/or text support; you will also receive curated information to help you reach your goals faster as well as well as experiential exercises and tools such as visualizations, meditations and journaling prompts that will last you a life time.


There is an option to upgrade to a premium package which would also include once a week dance or pilates lessons in your own home or virtually as well to help you reach your movement goals.   

Peaceful Pathway Group Coaching 

Interested in getting group support? Ask about group options or create your own group and I will create a custom group package for you. You don't have to have the same specific goals, though if everyone has the same common goals to prioritize wellbeing and find peace and calm in their lives, this is helpful.

Private, Semi Private and Small Group Dance, Pilates Mat and Mindful Movement Classes

Image by Evie S.
Hip-hop Choreography

Melissa has an extensive background in teaching dance and movement and can teach dance both in your home if you're local or via zoom. Option to add this as part of your coaching package or a la carte. Classes offered for Kids, Adults, Mom and Child classes in Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Salsa and Line Dance. Dance and Movement are perfect ways to help de-stress! If you're suffering from any pain or working through injuries, please be sure to tell Melissa. She will be sure to modify, even if you have to dance from a chair, you can still dance!

Past Client Experiences

Laptop Work
Woman Reading with Coffee
Man at Desk

I have had the pleasure of working with Melissa as my coach, She is amazing, calming, intuitive and SO caring! I highly recommend her! I have loved every session and always look forward to the next one!

Melanie Wheeler 

I have been working with Melissa for a couple of months now. She is a great coach, very in tune with my feelings and perceptive of my needs. I recommend her to anyone who would benefit from having a personal coach. My experience has been a positive one.
Thank you Melissa!

Les Kayne 

I have worked with personal coach Melissa for three months.  Here are the top five things I have enjoyed so far:  1.  Weekly deadlines and accountability  2.  Safely discussing successes and failures  3.  Bragging time at each session where we talk about baby and big steps  4.  Changing weekly topics that stimulate new ideas and things to try  5.  Helpful documentation included with each session for easy discussion and review

Keith Blackey 

Rock Maze

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